BOATING-No motor operated boats (gas or electric) are allowed in the pond.  Life jackets are required if applicable under Massachusetts General Laws.

CAMPING EQUIPMENT-We allow only one camping unit per site. Campers may have a camper and tent on a site, a pop-up and a tent, or two tents maximum
per site. Camping units must be less than ten (10) years old upon arriving on the premises, unless otherwise agreed upon.

CHILDREN-Parents are responsible for their safety and conduct.  No bike riding after dark.   Campers are responsible for any willful damage caused by their
This includes but is not limited to carving in picnic tables, damaging vending machines and damaged cause to any structure on the premises.

CONDUCT-Obscene language, drunkenness, disorderly conduct, WILL NOT be tolerated.

CONSTRUCTION-The building of any porches or similar enclosed structures are strictly prohibited.  The building of decks with railings not exceeding 42’’,
sheds, or the erection of carports require the prior written approval of Owner(s) and the town, if applicable.

FIREARMS- BB guns, slingshots, fireworks or bows and arrows are not permitted on campground.

FIREWOOD / TREES-No cutting of trees/firewood is allowed in the campground or adjoining properties. All firewood brought into the campground must be
removed prior to leaving, if applicable. Please do not drive nails into, or disfigure trees. Additionally, please do not tie clotheslines to trees or shrubs.

GARBAGE-Trash is picked up daily at 5pm.  Campers must purchase bags from the office or disposed of their own trash off the premises.  This is our home
and we take pride in the cleanliness of our campground. Please do not litter. This includes cigarette butts!

MOTORIZED VEHICLES-Drivers of any all motorized vehicles must have an active license, including but not limited to golf carts! Golf carts must be driven on
roadways only and have head-lights and tail-lights or rear reflectors if driven after dark.

OFF SEASON-Entry onto the premises is only permitted for the purpose of checking sites and with permission and ample notice.  Overnight stays are not
permitted.  Campers are not allowed to hunt/fish on any on the campground premises.

PETS-No large, aggressive, or overprotective dogs such as: Dobermans, Pit Bulls aka American Stafford shire Terrier, Pit Bull Mix, German Shepard’s, or Shar-
Pai's without special permission from the Owner(s).  No Snakes or Ferrets.  When pets are outside they must be on a leash and attended to at all times.
Barking dogs will not be tolerated.  When walking your dog/cat carry a pooper-scooper, all dropping must be picked up. Cats are to be left in camper, not left to
wander the campground. No dogs allowed in pool or pool area. Do not tie pets to fencing around pools.  Please keep your pets immunizations up-to-date.  
Owner(s) may request immunization records which shall not be unreasonably withheld.  Maximum of one dog per adult camper and two per site.

POOL RULES- Children under 14 cannot swim without adult supervision; there is no lifeguard on duty.  No one will be allowed in the swimming area unless
the pool is officially open.  Entering the pool premises when it is not open for use, including jumping or climbing over the fence is prohibited.  The Owner(s)
assumes no liability for injuries or damages unless due to willful or gross negligence on the part of the Owner(s).  Persons under the influence of alcohol or  
drugs will not be permitted in the pool or in the surrounding areas.  No person within the pool grounds shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the
safety and health of himself/herself and others. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, running, shoving, jumping or diving shall be grounds for
expulsion from pool area.  Glass containers and pets are not permitted in the pool area.

PRIVACY- Please respect the privacy of other campers and the Owner(s) by not walking thru or between occupied sites, or through the yard of the private
house. Please use designated roadways and pathways when walking thru the campground.

QUIET HOURS-Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 pm to 8 am Friday and Saturday.  Further more there is a camp-wide
curfew at 12am.  All fires will be out and all campers inside their trailers. Respect your camping neighbor by keeping conversation, radio, television and
musical instrument volumes to a minimum. Outside of quiet hours, Renter(s) should continue to be considerate for
those other Renter(s) who are seeking a peaceful outdoor experience. Always keep noise to a minimum and respect your neighbor's space.

SELLING OF RENTER(S) CAMPER-Selling of campers on the premises is not permitted without permission.

SITE CLEANLINESS/APPEARANCE-Campsites should only contain camping related materials.  Such camping related materials, including but not limit to yard
or gardening tools should be appropriately stored and out of sight.  Campers may not store on site or under campers the following items:
a.        Metal’s not used for camping
b.        Construction Material’s                                                
c.        Propane tanks not attached to a gas grill or camper
d.        Any other items deemed by Owner(s) to be an unsightly nuisance.
Campers site and surrounding areas should be raked and kept clean at all times.  Campers trailers should be washed routinely.  Any additions to
campers, including but not limited to decks or enclosed porches, or improvements on campers sites, including but not limit to sheds or carports, must be well
maintained.  This would include routine maintenance of structures including but not limited to painting, replacing broken windows and removal any tarps and
any other unsightly nuisances as determined by Owner(s).

VISITORS-Campers are responsible for the behavior of campers Visitor(s) and ensuring they understand all rules, including registration requirements.  Visitor
(s) will be asked to leave if they become a nuisance. Campers are responsible for any willful damage caused by their Visitors.  This includes but is not limited
to carving in picnic tables,
damaging vending machines and damaged cause to any structure on the premises. Campers will be responsible to pay and that Owner(s) will adjust
Seasonal Rate by
the actual cost to fix damages.

WOOD FOR BURNING-Fire wood must be cut and stack neatly on your own
Rules and Regulations
Peaceful Pines Family Campground