To ensure the safety of our clients, their children, their friends and their family, we have spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money to address

You will notice an entrance and an exit gate has been erected.  The entrance gate will require a swipe card in order to gain access to the campground. The
entrance gate will allow only one vehicle to pass at a time.  You may not exit the entrance gate for any reason. The exit gate will allow you to leave without the
swipe card.   We also need your cooperation ensuring that your children and your guests’ children do not play around these gates.

You may also notice that cameras have been set up to record the activity at the gates as well as any activity at the dumpster location. We hope that this will deter
any improper use of the dumpsters.

All campers must purchase a swipe card for each vehicle on the campground.  Swipe Cards will not be issued to routine guests.

All campers’ guests are required to register, free of charge during regular store hours.  All guests that require entry after store hours must be accompanied by
the camper they are here to visit.
Peaceful Pines Family Campground